T-Gen Statement Regarding Sub-contractors in Tennant Creek

This week an alleged incident came to our attention that took place at Karlu Karlu (Devil’s Marbles) involving a subcontractor to one of Territory Generation’s main contractors.  This alleged information was immediately referred to Clarke Energy, who is the main contractor at the Territory Generation power station expansion site in Tennant Creek and responsible for the subcontractor Nilsen NT at Territory Generation sites.


Territory Generation upholds the preservation of sacred sites and does not condone any conduct or behaviour of the kind that has been alleged – whether contractors, subcontractors or our own employees.


Territory Generation is now in the process of reviewing its contractual arrangements with contractors for all of its projects across the Northern Territory to check if compliance with its core values of integrity and respect are being met.


We will not provide any comment on behalf of either Clarke or its subcontractors, but it is our expectation based on our information to date that both Clarke Energy and Nilsen will report the alleged incident to the correct channels and if necessary formally apologise to traditional owners.


Territory Generation provides an essential service in the communities in which it operates and our employees live, work and take pride in these communities, long after any construction is complete.


Territory Generation has also contacted the Central Land Council and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority to offer its assistance with any future investigation should that occur.


No further comment will be made in relation to this issue by Territory Generation.