Alice Springs Battery Energy Storage System

Territory Generation has completed one of the game-changers in the transition to renewable energy for Alice Springs and the Northern Territory to assist with generation stabilisation.

The Alice Springs Energy Storage Project involved implementing a 5 MW energy storage solution to address a number of issues on the Alice Springs network.

A relatively large amount of thermal spinning reserve is required to counter solar intermittency and provide backup for other contingency events. This is inefficient, expensive and consumes fossil fuels.

Delivery of the project supports solar PV penetration in Alice Springs.


Alice Springs has a highly variable load profile and a high penetration of solar PV on the network. Solar generation is at its peak mid-afternoon, which does not coincide with evening peak demand.

The intermittent nature of solar generation due to cloud cover causes ramping up and down of thermal plant, and sharp changes in load on the network can cause frequency instability, which can lead to load shedding.

Greater solar PV penetration without technological enablers (e.g. storage) will exacerbate these issues.

The project established 5MW storage capacity with 40 minutes storage.