Securing the NT’s Energy Future

Territory Generation is a Government-owned corporation whose purpose is to safely, efficiently and reliably generate electricity that contributes to the lifestyle and development of the Northern Territory. It is the largest electricity producer in the Territory, producing nearly 1900GWh of electricity per year using gas, diesel and solar technologies to power the Territory’s major population centres and towns.

Territory Generation is currently undertaking one of the largest transformations of the Northern Territory electricity system ever seen. It is replacing aged electricity generators with the latest equipment, to provide efficient and reliable power supply, drive down the cost of producing electricity and to support a transition to renewable energy. Territory Generation is also adopting cutting-edge technology designed to help integrate solar power with the implementation of one of the largest grid-connected battery energy and storage systems currently underway in Australia.

The battery works both as a source of backup power, as well as a buffer for sudden increase or decrease in solar power generation. Its expertise lies in not just being a provider of essential power to regions, but working with stakeholders – from the commercial sector to local community organisations – to deliver end-to-end generation solutions, including renewable projects. This includes the establishment of a Remote Operations Centre, using a high-speed data network to link all operational sites to monitor and remotely control the performance of our power generation facilities.

Territory Generation is proud to support local Northern Territory businesses and the communities in which it works, lives and operates, through its sponsorship of October Business Month 2017.