Privacy statement

When you use our website, we collect information about you. This privacy statement explains what we collect and why.

When you look at our website

We can’t see any information about you when you look at our website. We can see how many times each webpage has been looked at, when it was looked at, and other general information. We can’t identify you from this information.

We use this information to help us produce content that’s relevant to visitors.

When you type information into our website

Some of our webpages allow you to type information. The way we use this information depends on why you have provided it.

Example: You fill in a contact form. You send it to us through our website. You should expect we will use the information to respond to your message.

We can also use your information for other purposes if:

  • You say we can;
  • There is a law which says we can;
  • If you have to log into an area of our website with a “user name”, we will be able to see which pages you looked at while you were logged in.

There are people who help us monitor and maintain our website. These people may see your information as part of their work to keep our website safe, secure, and in working order. We may also show your information to law-enforcement authorities if there’s a suggestion of a criminal offence or concerns about a person’s safety.

When you click on a link

Some of our webpages have links to other people’s websites. This privacy statement won’t apply to other people’s websites. You should check their privacy statement before giving them information.

More information

We follow the rules about privacy set out in the Information Act. You can read the act or learn more about it from the Office of the Information Commissioner (NT).