Our power stations

Territory Generation is the largest electricity producer in the Northern Territory. We own 593 MW of installed capacity and contract an additional 5.1 MW from independent power producers, including 4 MW of solar power from Uterne in Alice Springs and 1.1 MW of reclaimed gas produced by LMS Energy from the Shoal Bay Renewable Energy Facility.

We own and operate eight power stations and 60 generating units, including a battery energy storage system in the Northern Territory. Our power stations are located at Channel Island, Weddell and Katherine (the Darwin-Katherine interconnected system); Ron Goodin/Sadadeen Valley and Owen Springs (the Alice Springs power system); Tennant Creek, Kings Canyon and Yulara (classified as remote power stations).

Power Station Engine Capacity (MW) Description

Darwin-Katherine region

Channel Island Power Station (CIPS)Channel Island units C8 and C9 4 heavy industrial gas turbines, 3 aeroderivative gas turbines (2 dual fuel), 1 steam turbine 278.4 CIPS commenced formal operations in 1987. It is Territory Generation’s largest power station and will continue to be the main source of electricity for the Darwin-Katherine Interconnected System (DKIS). The modular and renewable-fuel capable TM2500 is undergoing installation at the CIPS site and the ~35MVA Darwin- Katherine Battery Energy Storage System is being commissioned.
Weddell Power Station (WPS)Image shows Weddell Power Station generating units. 3 aeroderivative gas turbines 129.0 WPS connects to the DKIS. Two of its gas turbines were commissioned in 2008, with the third commissioned in 2014.
Katherine Power Station (KPS)Image shows Katherine Power Station in landscape. 4 industrial gas turbines (dual fuel) 37.0 KPS has been operational since 1987 and functions as part of the DKIS.

Alice Springs region

Ron Goodin Power Station (RGPS)A landscape image of Ron Goodin Power Station. 6 reciprocating sets (6 diesel or gas fuel),

1 gas turbine (diesel or gas fuel)

35.3 RGPS was commissioned in 1973. The station remains operational to provide capacity for the Alice Springs power system.
Owen Springs Power Station (OSPS)Landscape image showing Owen Springs Power Station from the air. 13 reciprocating sets (10 gas, 3 diesel

or dual fuel), 1 industrial gas turbine (dual fuel)

80.9 OSPS was commissioned in 2011 and upgraded in 2018 to

service the Alice Springs community.

Sadadeen Valley Battery energy

storage system


5 The Sadadeen Valley BESS is a grid-connected modular lithium

iron phosphate battery system which has been in operation

since 2018 to support the Alice Springs power system. It resides

within the RGPS site.

Remote stations

Tennant Creek Power Station (TCPS)Landscape image of Tennant Creek Power Station. 13 reciprocating sets (8 gas, 5 diesel),

1 industrial gas turbine (dual fuel)

21.9 TCPS was commissioned in 1975 and underwent a significant

upgrade in 2017. It services the Tennant Creek township and

surrounding communities as far as Ali Curung.

Yulara Power Station (YPS)Landscape image of Yulara Power Station with Uluru in the background 8 reciprocating sets 9.1 YPS services the Ayers Rock Resort and the Yulara township.

The station is diesel fuel operation only. The station will

undergo significant changes in the coming years due to the

ongoing Yulara Energy Transition Initiative. The station has been

operational since 1983.

Kings Canyon Power Station (KCPS)Kings Canyon solar array 3 reciprocating sets (diesel) 1.1 KCPS is the only commercial source of electricity in the Kings

Canyon area, servicing the Kings Canyon Resort and domestic

customers. The station has been in operation since 2003.

Totals 60 592.7

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