Our Power Stations

Territory Generation is the largest electricity producer in the Northern Territory. We own 597MW of installed capacity and contract an additional 5.1MW from independent power producers, including 4.1MW of solar in Alice Springs and 1MW of gas from the Shoal Bay landfill site.

We own and operate eight power stations, 65 generating units and a battery energy storage system in the Northern Territory. These are located at Channel Island, Weddell and Katherine (the Darwin-Katherine interconnected system); Tennant Creek; Ron Goodin/Sadadeen Valley and Owen Springs (the Alice Springs power system); Kings Canyon and Yulara.


Darwin-Katherine Interconnected System

Channel IslandChannel Island Power Station

Channel Island Power Station (CIPS) is Territory Generation’s largest power station and the main source of electricity for the Darwin-Katherine Interconnected system. The first units were commissioned at CIPS in 1986, and CIPS now has 310MW of installed capacity. CIPS is a natural gas fired station, with diesel fuel back-up capability. C3 is in the process of being decommissioned thereby reducing the total MW availability from 310MW to 279MW

Cycle Open and combined
Capacity 279MW (5 heavy industrial gas turbines, 3 aero derivative turbines (1 gas and 2 dual fuel), and 1 steam turbine.
Fuel Natural gas (diesel for back-up)

Small Photo of Weddell Power StationWeddell

The Weddell Power Station (WPS) connects to the Darwin-Katherine grid and consists of two open cycle gas turbines commissioned in 2008, with a third commissioned in 2014.

Cycle Open
Capacity 129MW (3 turbine sets)
Fuel Natural gas only

Small photo of Katherine Power StationKatherine

The Katherine Power Station (KPS) has been operational since 1987. The station contains four open cycle gas turbines.



Cycle Open
Capacity 36.5MW (4 turbine sets (dual fuel))
Fuel Natural gas (diesel for back-up)

Ron Goodin Power Station

Alice Springs Power System

Ron Goodin

The Ron Goodin Power Station (RGPS) was commissioned in 1973 and remains a source of electricity for the Alice Springs area. RGPS has been kept
operational to provide more capacity to the Alice Springs system. RG1 and RG2 are being reserved for black start capability, and RG8 is in the process of being decommissioned thereby reducing the total MW availability from 44.1MW to 35.3MW.

Cycle Open
Capacity 38.6MW (8 reciprocating sets (2 diesel only, 6 dual fuel) and 1 gas turbine (dual fuel)
Fuel Natural gas (diesel for back-up)

Owen Springs

The Owen Springs Power Station (OSPS) uses the latest dual fuel and gas spark reciprocating technology to service the Alice Springs community. The station was first commissioned in 2011 and underwent a 41MW expansion in 2019.

Cycle Open
Capacity 77MW (13 reciprocating sets (3 dual fuel and 10 gas only) and 1 turbine (dual fuel))
Fuel Natural gas and diesel

Sadadeen Valley

The Sadadeen Valley battery energy storage system (BESS) is a grid-connected modular lithium iron phosphate battery system which has been in operation since 2018 to support the Alice Springs power system.

Cycle N/A
Capacity 5MW
Fuel N/A

Territory Towns

Tennant Creek

The Tennant Creek Power Station (TCPS) services the Tennant Creek township and surrounding communities as far as Ali Curung, 150km south of Tennant Creek. The installation of 7.5 MW of new gas and diesel capacity was completed in 2019, which will enable the future decommissioning of aged diesel units.

Cycle Open
Capacity 19.8MW (11 reciprocating sets (5 gas, 6 diesel) and 1 turbine (dual fuel))
Fuel Natural gas (diesel for back-up)


The Yulara Power Station (YPS) is the only commercial source of electricity in the Yulara area and services the Ayers Rock Resort and the Yulara township. The Yulara Energy Transition Initiative will result in a significant change in the asset base in the near future.

Cycle Open
Capacity 11MW (10 reciprocating sets (4 gas, 5 diesel and 1 dual fuel))
Fuel CNG (compressed natural gas) and diesel

Kings Canyon solar arrayKings Canyon

The Kings Canyon Power Station (KCPS) is the only commercial source of electricity in the Kings Canyon area, servicing the Kings Canyon Resort and domestic customers.

Cycle Solar PV Station and Open cycle diesel
Capacity 1.05MW (3 reciprocating sets (diesel) and 1 solar panel)
Fuel Diesel and Solar PV


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