Second Darwin-Katherine battery energy storage system in sight

On Monday 4 March 2024, Territory Generation was proud to welcome the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, the Hon Eva Lawler, and the Minister for Essential Services, the Hon Kate Worden to Channel Island Power Station to discuss the progress of the Darwin-Katherine Battery Energy Storage System (DK BESS) and formally announce the DK BESS 2.

At this event, the ministers announced that the  DK BESS 2 project will see batteries distributed in locations across the Darwin-Katherine Interconnected system security through the transition period. It will deliver fuel savings, and enable more renewable energy penetration by providing essential system services.

It was also confirmed that the installation, construction and pre-commissioning of the first DK BESS at Channel Island is now complete. Territory Generation is collaborating closely with key stakeholders as the project moves towards full-scale commissioning

Together, these two BESS projects satisfy the Darwin-Katherine Electricity System Plan requirements for the installation of high-specification batteries.

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Gerhard Laubscher, Kate Worden and Eva Lawler on site at the DK BESS

(Left to right) Territory Generation CEO Gerhard Laubscher; Minister for Essential Services, the Hon Kate Worden; and the Chief Minister of the NT, the Hon Eva Lawler.