Electrical apprenticeship milestone

We are proud to congratulate Brieanna McSweeny on the December 2022 completion of her Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician. She is the first female to complete an electrical apprenticeship at Territory Generation.

2022 was quite the year for Brie. Not only is she now a fully accredited electrician, but she also won Apprentice of the Year at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) NT Awards for Excellence, and Outstanding Apprentice of the Year Stage 3 at the GTNT Awards.

Brie has been with our business since 2019 and works primarily at our Owen Springs Power Station. We spoke to her about her career to date:

Q: What initially drew you to an electrical apprenticeship?
A: My dad also works at Owen Springs Power Station. I attended a family open day and was shown around site and everything drew me in. I just found everything so interesting and wanted to know more.

Q: Tell us about the qualification you’ve received. What kind of works are you accredited for?
A: I am qualified in Cert III Electrotechnology Electrician. This means I am qualified to conduct electrical installations and wiring, troubleshoot circuits and test and isolate circuits.

Q: How is being an electrician at a power station different to being an electrician elsewhere? Would you recommend this pathway to others?
A: Doing my apprenticeship at a power station means I didn’t get the same exposure as a domestic electrician would. Working as an industrial sparky, we focus more on maintenance of the generators, control circuits and troubleshooting faults. We also work hand in hand with the mechanics on site, so you get to learn the mechanical trade too. Whereas domestically, I learnt construction site work, hospital maintenance and house wiring during my contracting. I got the best of both worlds which is why I love the pathway that I took and would absolutely recommend it to others. I am very grateful to have explored the parallels of the electrical trade.

Q: What have been the highlights of your apprenticeship at Territory Generation? (Any special projects worked on, achievements etc)
A: There have been many highlights to working at Territory Generation. I absolutely love the team and environment that I work with, the boys onsite are always a good laugh and support me 100%. But my favourite highlight was when I won the NAWIC award this year, not for the award itself but to be at an event that was strictly for women in construction which was really heart-warming and left me feeling empowered to have so many women with me in the industry.

Q: What would you say to other women considering a trade qualification in a male-dominated industry?
A: I have been blessed with a great team and working environment where I am seen as an equal. So, from my experience, I strongly encourage women to get on board with a trade. Just be true to who you are, stick up for yourself and know that if I can do it so can you, so believe in yourself.

Q: If you could look 10 years into your future, what would you hope to see yourself doing?
A: I’d hope to still be involved in the electrical trade, maybe progressed into engineering or more of an instrumentation technician.

17 January 2023