Evaporation ponds re-lined

30 November 2016

Egress net

Egress nets and walkways have been installed for animals to exit the ponds.

The evaporation ponds at Channel Island have been re-lined. The old liners had deteriorated over 30 years and were breaking up. They were removed and replaced with new liners, one pond at a time due to operational requirements.

Numerous birds and animals access the ponds regularly for a drink, with cane toads being the only concern.

Egress nets and walkways were installed for animals to exit the ponds and avoid becoming trapped due to the new slippery liner.

Rotting self-rescue ropes were replaced with chemical-resistant ropes. Bollards were replaced due to rust to ensure they would last another 30 years.

The site had to be cleared of vegetation to access the ponds. Territory Generation is looking to extend the grounds and maintenance contract to incorporate the ponds area so weeds are maintained and damage to infrastructure is minimised.

The project was completed under its budget.