NexGen Solar Car Challenge

Thanks to everyone (especially all the students and our Territory Generation volunteers) involved in the NexGen Solar Car Challenge event on 17 October 2023. Territory Generation was very proud to sponsor this event through our sponsorship with Engineers Australia Northern Division (NT), which saw around 200 students come together at Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex from middle schools from across the Territory.

As well as being given an opportunity to inspect the solar race cars about to embark on their 3000km journey south, the students also raced their team-built cars on the Student Track. Congratulations to the team behind car 5 from Nightcliff Middle School who won the final race with a time of 6:13. There was some impressive work involved with 3D-printed wheels and soldered joints. It was a great day and proof that STEM engagement can be fun as well as educational.

It was great to see our Reliability Engineer Brian McDonough and Graduate Electrical Engineer Aidan Routledge trackside supporting the students during the races and in the pits.