Access to Apparatus Rules

All Territory Generation staff and contractors must be appropriately authorised to work on Territory Generation plant and equipment under our Access to Apparatus Rules (AAR) at Ron Goodin Power Station. For permit requirements on other Territory Generation sites, please visit our Permit to Work page.

These rules cover the requirements for all workers to safely access plant and equipment on Ron Goodin Power Station including confined space entry and the conduct of hot work. These rules must be complied with at all times.

If you are a Territory Generation contractor, you will be required to complete AAR online training to obtain the appropriate level of authorisation to conduct work at Ron Goodin Power Station. Your Territory Generation site contact person will advise you of the AAR training that you will need to apply for to obtain your authorisation.

To apply for and complete AAR online training:

  1. Register your request for AAR authorisation via the AAR Training Request form.
  2. Forward the completed AAR Training Request form to your Territory Generation site contact person to review and endorse.
  3. If the site contact person decides that you (or your staff) do not require training, you will be advised via email of the decision.
  4. If the site contact person endorses your training request, it will be sent to the RGPS Station Manager for approval.
  5. If the RGPS Station Manager declines your request, you will be advised via email of the decision.
  6. If the RGPS Station Manager approves your AAR training request, the Territory Generation Learning and Development team will process your request. You will be sent an email from the online system asking you to complete the online training at your convenience.
  7. When your training is successfully complete, the Learning and Development team will update the authorisations database.
  8. Note that the online training refers to the AAR only. You will only be authorised to work for Territory Generation if you can demonstrate you have met all prerequisites (relevant training, skills and experience etc.) required for the work / duties you are to do. For example, the AAR online training will train you in how to access a confined space within Territory Generation under the AAR. You will still need to have successfully completed relevant confined space training to actually work in a confined space.

Note: Any required online AAR training shall be undertaken at cost to the contractor.

Territory Generation AAR procedures are also available and will be provided by your Territory Generation site contact person if required.

These include:

  • Access to Apparatus Rules
  • Lock box/Board
  • Confined Space Procedure
  • Hot Work Procedure
  • Work in the Vicinity of Apparatus Procedure
  • HV Access procedure
  • Tags Procedure

For AAR online training queries contact: