Site Inductions

Territory Generation is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors entering and working on our sites. Site induction processes are critical in ensuring site safety and emergency response requirements are clearly communicated and understood by all persons.

No person shall be permitted entry to a Territory Generation site without a valid site induction.


Employees and Contractors

All Employees and Contractors entering a TGen site to conduct work must complete:

  • A Territory Generation General Induction AND
  • A Site Specific Induction and Orientation; for each site to be entered; inclusive of a site orientation walk around on their first visit to site.



Visitors are persons requiring entry to a site for purposes that do not involve the conduct of hands on work. Examples include but are not limited to: attending meetings; conducting visual inspections of plant or equipment and low risk delivery and unloading activities.

All Visitors to a TGen site must complete:

  • A Visitor Site Induction and Orientation, for the day of entry.


For more information

If you require more information please contact:

  • Your TGen site contact person – This is the person arranging for you to come to a site or who will be responsible for you when you come to a site