Permit to Work (PTW)

At Territory Generation (TGen), safety is our highest priority. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all persons who enter and work on our sites. All TGen employees and contractors must be appropriately trained and authorised to safely access and work on Territory Generation plant and equipment under our Permit to Work system.

The PTW system applies to all TGen sites with the exception of Ron Goodin Power Station (Alice Springs) where the previous Access to Apparatus Rules (AAR) system will continue to be in effect. If you are conducting work at Ron Goodin Power Station site, please return to the main Contractor Safety page and click on Access to Apparatus Rules.

PTW training

The PTW training requirements for contractors is in 2 levels as per the table below:

Level of Training Duration Who needs it
Permit to Work 2

(Work Party Member – WPM)

2.5 Hours (approx.) Anyone who will conduct work on site that requires sign on to a permit as a work party member.


Permit to Work 3

(Person in Charge of Work – PICW)

5 Hours (approx.) Anyone who will receive a permit and be in charge of the entire work party on that permit.

NOTE: Most contractors will not require this training.  In most instances permits are received by TGen personnel.  If you are unsure, speak to your TGen Site Contact Person for clarification.

If you are unsure if you require PTW training please speak to your TGen Site Contact Person for clarification. Your TGen Site Contact person is the person arranging for you to come to site or the person who will be responsible for you while you are on site.

Authorisation to work

You will only be authorised to work for TGen if you can demonstrate you have met all prerequisites (relevant training, licences, skills and experience etc.) required for the work / duties you are to do. This information will be recorded in TGen’s Training Management System as verification that prerequisites have been met.

Note: It is the responsibility of the contractors to ensure the currency of their competencies.

How to apply for PTW training

  • Register your request for PTW training with your TGen Site Contact Person by email.
  • Your TGen Site Contact Person will then review your request in relation to the work to be conducted and advise you if training is required or not.
  • If PTW training is required: Your TGen Site Contact Person will advise you of the specific type of training required (PTW2 or PTW3) and you will then need to contact TGen Learning and Development to book in for the relevant training session at a time that suits you. See contact details below.

Note: All costs for such training will be borne by the Contractors.

For more information

  • Please contact your TGen Site Contact Person for more information on PTW requirements

To book PTW training